First version of the graphic for the presentation of Smart Locker

for the project Smart Locker, in realization inside MUG, i designed this graphic (sorry for the filesize and quality): Brochure Smart Locker

I designed a first draft with pencil and pen Bozza su carta

After a quick clean-up with Gimp Bozza pulita

I used Inkscape to vectorize the drawing Bozza vettore

For the final image (the first of this post) I tried to recreate a Blueprint effect, setting as background the color #3366FF, and a relatively thick line(4 px, even though the “px” unit only makes sense in relation to the size of the final image)

I think there will be a 2.0 version, because the font and lettering are not really suitable, and the composition is unclear. I will probably modify the design of the lockers too.

Tool of great use of Inkscape: Extensions> Modify Path> Perspective. is invaluable for rapid fake prospectives.

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